A popular dish in the region of Liguria, it is also found here in our province. The cultivation of chick-peasin the pre-Apennine area is thanks to the excellent sandy soil conditions.With the chick-peas, the famous “zuppa dei morti / soup of the dead” or “cisrò” is prepared and served onall Saints day, the 1st November throughout the entire province.From chick-peas, however, flour is also obtained, a primary ingredient used to prepare endless dishestypical of our area. The most famous is of course “farinata” or belacauda.


Mix 500gr. of chick-pea flour in half a litre of water with a pinch of salt and half a glass of extravirgin olive oil. Leave it to rest for a while.Add some finely cut rosemary. Pour the mixture into an appropriate “testo” a large round, lowcopper tray and place it into a hot, wood-fired oven to cook for around 15-20 minutes.Once cooked, cut the farinata into slices (should be no more than 1cm thick) and cover it withblack pepper to please.Serve very hot. Naturally the secret to obtain a perfect farinata lies in the water (notcalcareous), and in all the ingredients used, in other words a true form of art.At one time, it was the main meal consumed in very poor families. Nowadays, it has become apopular dish enjoyed as a starter, or as a main course.

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