Throughout all the historic centre, corso Italia, corso Bagni and the adjoining side streets, you may find a fine selection of shops with high street fashion, designer boutiques, bars, wineries, historic cafes, ice-cream bars, shoe shops, accessories, perfumes, jewellery, sports, house-hold goods, photographers, antiques, books and an enticing selection of restaurants and gastronomical shops. The latter are mostly located in via Garibaldi, corso Italia, via Mazzini, via Bove, via Carducci, corso Bagni, via Marconi, via Moriondo, piazza San Francesco, piazza San Guido and the “Bagni” area across the river, where you can find mushrooms, various products with truffles, preserves, cheese and salamis, typical confectionery, amaretti, acquesi with a Rhum filling, home-made pasta, DOC and DOCG wines, grappa...just to mention a few! On the outskirts of the city are many other activities, supermarkets, small shopping centres, household stores and D.I.Y.

Why not stop, relax and enjoy a good cup of Italian coffee or a cappuccino at one of the many bars or historic cafes, accompanied by a choice of delicious pastries, otherwise you may enjoy a good traditional aperitif at one of the many wineries, wine bars or bars.

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