The wonderful territory in which the village of Strevi is immersed is the heart of production of extremely important wines, in particular Moscato  Passito.
It is an aromatic, meditative wine, cultivated among these sunny hills, in calcareous, marble-clayey lands, nonetheless from a vigorous selection of the vineyards. In order to produce the wine the healthiest bunches of grapes are chosen, that are then left to dry under direct sunlight and in covered areas for around 30 to 40 days.

In November the grape pressing takes place when everything is put to ferment with parts of the skins, prior to removal of the pips and residue.
Moscato wine can be put on the market after the second year of harvest, and the “Strevi” DOC is the result of the safeguard of traditions and history from these lands, that with the passing of time has become highly regarded.
It is produced 100% from selected Muscat grapes. Yield of the grapes 60 q per hectare; yield in wine 50%. A golden yellowy colour, with amber deflections, an intense, complex bouquet, with a musky scent, characterised by the Muscat grapes.
A pleasant, sweet, harmonic flavour, velvety, aromatic with scents of mature apricots.
Alcoholic content 12,5%
It is best paired with seasoned, herbal, spicy and well-mature cheeses. Very suitable also with almond based desserts, or the traditional cantucci biscuits dipped in the glass.
Some restaurants recommend it served with goose liver pate.
To be served at a temperature 12/15°C.

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