The DOCG disciplinary – Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed from 1996 states that the DOCG wines, “Brachetto d’Acqui” or “Acqui”, in the still or sparkling varieties must be solely produced using the Brachetto vine, in the territory of the 26 villages, members of the Comuni del Brachetto d’Acqui DOCG Association.

The colour is ruby red, of medium intensity with a very delicate, musky aroma, and a floral bouquet rich in fruity scents, that on the palate presents itself with a sweet, soft and lively flavour. A wine best enjoyed whilst young, as it expresses at its best the fragrances of the grapes, with scents of roses and mature fruit.
To be served in a glass at a temperature between 8-12°C, it is excellent paired with sweet fruit, especially strawberries and peaches, and all types of desserts. It is traditionally served with the classical Piedmontese confectionery such as: amaretti, savoiardi, krumiri, semifreddi (chilled desserts) and
Brachetto ice-creams, and is also suitable to make a variety of cocktails.

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