Acqui Terme’s Archaeological Museum is housed inside the Paleologi Castle, once the historic residence of the Marquis of Monferrato, with parts dating back to the middle of the 15th century. The museum was founded in 1967, whereas the current
display was set-up in 2001. The exhibition is divided into three sections (dedicated respectively to prehistory: from Palaeolithic
to Neolithic, to the Bronze and Iron Ages, to the Roman period and finally the Middle Ages), with a tour that comprises a total of seven rooms, plus further spaces dedicated to temporary exhibitions. Many notable artefacts of great historical and archaeological interest are included, that altogether offer an insight and important testimonies to the uninterrupted human presence in the Acquese area, providing us with an overall vision of the city’s population, from remote times right up to the threshold of the modern era. The first two rooms display numerous items made of flint dating back to prehistoric times, followed by ceramic artefacts and metallic utensils (spear and javelin tips, blades, razors) from the Bronze and Iron ages.
The display continues with valuable evidence from the Roman period, when the city of Aquae Statiellae became one of the most important urban centres situated along the ancient Via Aemilia Scauri: gravestone decorations, tombstones, architectural
elements, sculptures, marble furnishings, mosaics, amphora, the reconstruction of the grand fountain of the “Bollente” – made from large, white marble blocks, brought to light at the end of the 19th century.  The last rooms features the medieval period, as documented by early Christian inscriptions and gravestone decorations from the Lombard era, followed by an impressive selection of ceramic artefacts from medieval and renaissance times, which testimony the continued and uninterrupted population of the city.


A natural oasis situated within the castle grounds




“Le Ceneri degli Statielli – The Iron Age Necropolis of Montabone” –

at the Archaeological Museum – Via Morelli



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