Guided tours of the Museum Storage Deposits

Guided tours of the Archaeological Museum's storage rooms take place on Saturday afternoons, with different intervals depending on the time of opening.

  • In the winter months (1st October - 30th April) the first Saturday of each month at 3.30pm.
  • In the summer months (1st May - 30th September) the first and third Saturday of each month take place, starting at 4.00pm.

Each visit includes a guided tour of the Museum followed by a visit to the deposits located under the courtyard of the old prison.

To accompany the visitors is a member of the Statiella section of the International Institute of Ligurian Studies.

The visit on the first Saturday of the month always includes a practical demonstration, carried out by an archaeologist, of some activity (washing finds, inventory materials, drawing, etc.), accompanied by a detailed explanation by the guide.

Guided tours are free. The cost of the visits is in fact limited to the entrance ticket to the Museum (€ 4 adults; €2 reduced entrance) and to the cost of an additional ticket for the deposits (€2 euros adults and children).

For information Tel Archaeological Museum 0144 57555


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