The filetto baciato salami from Ponzone is a unique product of its kind to be found in Italy. A tasty salami, made by wrapping the heart of the seasoned pork fillet, in a pasta of pure pork salami, of which only the best parts are chosen. Besides the tenderloin, which makes up the “heart of the product”, other parts are used in the preparation process such as lean cuts, lard and the pork underbelly.
The fillet’s salting and marinating process is kept a secret, whereas the grinding is coarse grain.
The product is inserted into a sack made from natural guts and the maturing varies from one to two months depending on the characteristics required by the customers. It can also withstand a maturing period of around 4 months, but market trends prefer to consume a salami with a softer texture. 
The maturing process takes place in the area of Ponzone (around 12km from Acqui), distinguished by a particular microclimate that confers the product specific sensory organoleptic characteristics.

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