Surrounded by picturesque hills that stretch along the valleys of the Erro and Bormida rivers, the Acquese territory offers a diverse landscape varying from vineyards, to woods, badlands, valleys, rivers and streams. It owes its surprising variety of environments, villages and people to its extraordinary position, that for centuries have made it a crossroads of routes for trade merchants and cultural exchanges.

The Monferrato, together with the Langhe and the Roero territories, was awarded with the most prestigious UNESCO recognition in 2014: a World Heritage Site, thanks to its vineyard landscape and culture as well as its abundance of food and wine, which includes products of excellence appreciated throughout the world.

Here below you may find a choice of itineraries that will take you to visit all the characteristic surrounding villages.

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Itinerary 1 – The Erro valley
Itinerary 2 – Towers, villages and badlands
Itinerary 3 – Villages & Castles
Itinerary 4 – Landscapes, Culture & Wine
The Romanesque churches in the Acquese area
The villages surrounding Acqui Terme
TOURIST ITINERARY 5 – picturesque landscape of UNESCO

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