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Barbera d’Asti Superiore DOCG
Monferrato DOC Rosso
Moscato d’Asti DOCG
Loazzolo DOC

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Regione Caffi, 3 - Loazzolo (AT)


At an altitude of 500 metres, in the hills dividing the Belbo and Bormida valleys in Asti’s Alta Langa zone, a three-kilometre-long range forms the amphitheatre of Borgo Isolabella. It boasts a south-facing aspect ranging from due east to due west seems to create an embrace for the Bormida river.

There are eleven hectares of vines nestled among the woods, perched on magnificently exposed but incredibly steep slopes, in a unique natural symphony.

The territory

Springs The roots journey into the heart of the earth.

The hills of the amphitheatre are riddled with subterranean streams that provide a vital reserve of water for the vines. The roots manage to penetrate below the many layers of rock to absorb precious saline and mineral elements that further add to the wine’s bouquet.

Woodlands, Faithful wardens of the vines.

The natural amphitheatre is distinguished by the wild yet soothing presence of expanses of woodlands, which have a purifying effect. The vineyards at Borgo Isolabella are ensconced in dozens of hectares of forests, whose refreshing presence protects the vines from the torrid summer heat. In addition, the night-time temperatures can drop by as much as 15 °C, which gives the vines an additional coolness, thereby improving the quality of the fruit. The forests also oxygenate the vineyards, which helps the vines to photosynthesize chlorophyll at altitude. 

Loazzolo, which nestles in a natural amphitheatre situated at over 500 metres above sea level in the hills of Asti’s Alta Langa district, is one of Italy’s smallest DOC appellations.

Our ties with this land go back to many generations, strengthened by the knowledge that we are the custodians of a truly unique natural heritage that belongs first and foremost to Mother Nature. We have created the Terra Protetta project in recognition of its immense worth.

This incredible terroir is so single-mindedly dedicated to the production of excellent wines and yet it has so many secrets that many are destined to remain a mystery simply because its unfathomable beauty reaches far beyond the limits of rational thought.

Nevertheless, we are committed on both  personal and financial level to protecting it and sustaining it. We are grateful for each and every harvest. Each tells its own tale of human devotion and its fruitful union with nature.



Vineyard tour of Vela – La Vela vineyard, home of Pinot Noir in Loazzolo: a vineyard with a unique scientifical point of you as well as enjoyable for walking.

Panoramic tour of the Amphitheatre  – Few steps for an Isolabella village overview and the peculiar characteristics of its Terroir.

Tour of the natural Forest of Valdiserre – Discover the diverse species of Orchids that hide spontaneously in our Forest.

The Loazzolo Ecosystem tour – Understanding the local varieties and the unique characteristics of the Terroir at Loazzolo where the vines are encroached with the forest.

We offer wine tastings accompanied by local produce, guided tours in the vineyards and in the estate woods.

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