Since 1977, the self-taught chef Bruna, has always been attentive in the selection of prime ingredients. She then re-elaborates the dishes with her own creativity, to offer customers the best of the season along with the pleasantness in her personal interpretation.
Traditional dishes, homemade bread, pasta, desserts, a selection of meat from Piedmont and not only, regional, Italian and French cheeses, organic vegetables, aromatic herbs, fresh fish, ensure that  attention in the selection is a continuous, daily duty.
For the joy of the gourmet, in relevant season, mushrooms and truffles, rigorously from the local territory, enrich simple dishes.
And finally, barbecued meat from all over the world.

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Open all year
Closed on : Sundays and Mondays
Via Scatilazzi 15 – centro storico
P.IVA: IT020543450064

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